3601 SW 44th St Suite B, Oklahoma City, OK 73119
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3601 SW 44th St Suite B, Oklahoma City, OK 73119
(800) 801-7196

Fire And Smoke Damage Cleanup In OKC

Providing Quality Smoke Restoration Services In Oklahoma City.

If you have fire and smoke damage in OKC and are looking for a qualified Oklahoma property restoration business to clean it up, look no further than Paradigm Property Restoration. The fire and smoke damage cleanup process is complex, and we know exactly what we need to do so that you can return to life like it was before the disaster.

Smoke and Soot Restoration In OKC

One of the first things our highly qualified smoke damage cleanup experts do is assess how badly damaged items are to see if they are beyond repair. Our experience enables us to see what can and cannot be repaired.  The next thing is to go through the property and assess how far the smoke or fire damage traveled. You would be amazed to find that it travels a longer distance than you than think.

Soot Damage Cleanup

We will remove any soot that may have accumulated on the floor using special protective gear and vacuums. While we are doing this we will also vacuum any soot damage off of the walls. It is critical that this process be done very carefully.

Smoke Damage Cleanup

After our team finishes removing soot, our experienced Oklahoma restoration crew will begin to remove the smoke from your ceilings, windows, and walls with specialized chemical sponges or dry cleaning. This type of work will be gentle, and performed only on dry surfaces. 

After this, our specialized crew can begin with the wet cleanup process. The first phase will use a consist of a cleaning solution (specialized thinners or vinegar usually work well).

Even further, our crew will go over the area again, this time with a degreaser to remove the more oil-soluble smoke and soot particles. And most importantly, we will make all efforts to make sure that the area is thoroughly rinsed to finish the process. 

Further Questions

If you have further questions about our smoke damage restoration process or your situation in general feel free to call our Oklahoma Fire & Smoke Restoration Company at (800) 801-7196.